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Heart Wooden Bowl Candle

Heart Wooden Bowl Candle

We are so excited to introduce our new Wooden Bowl Candles! These are the perfect way to enjoy nature's beauty in your home and create a warm, welcoming space. These gorgeous wooden bowl candles are hand-poured with our luxury coconut soy blend and your choice of long-lasting scent. 

When you have finished burning your candle you can reuse it by cleaning it with warm soapy water and using it for a table center piece or have us refill it! 


Candles are:

-hand-poured with premium quality coconut soy wax

-paraben & phthalate free essential/fragrance oil blends

-lined with 100% natural cotton lead-free wicks

-free of dyes and additives

-recycable, reusable, refillable

-hand poured in small batches in League City, Texas


Expect variation in wood texture, size, distressing, weathering, color and warping as bowls were handmade from raw wood.

The amount of wicks per candle is based on our expertise for optimal burn performance.


Approximately: 25 oz | 709 g

Average size: 11" L x 12" W x 2.5" H

Burn Time: Approximately 50-75 hours

Wooden Bowl Candles can be returned to us for a refill upon request for a fraction of the original purchase price. Please email us for more information.


Scent descriptions:

Black Cherry Merlot- Sophisticated twists of black currant and apples brighten the red wine and black cherry heart. Aged oak and amber base highlight the merlot, while vanilla balances the sweet finish. Patchouli and nutmeg add depth to this deep, dark, and luscious, Black Cherry Merlot.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Hints of orange liquor accent the fresh fruity tones of this luscious confection. Ripe red strawberry is surrounded by creamy milk chocolate notes to create a decadent treat. Sweet vanilla creme and rich maple combine at the base of the scent.







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