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Luxury Wax Melts

Luxury Wax Melts

Our Luxury Wax Melts give an amazing scent without the flame, which makes them perfect for dorms, offices, or other small spaces! Each is topped with a botanical for a gorgeous pleasing aesthetic.
Just pop 1 or 2 pieces in your wax melt burner to release the wonderful aromas which will leave your home smelling splendidly! They can be re-melted several times until the fragrance is no longer strong and then simply replace.


Scents to choose from:

Blush (topped with rose petals)- A refreshing blend of floral, coconut, and citrus sit on a base of musk and sandalwood. This soft and dainty floral scent is a year-round favorite!


Emerald Queen (topped with dried mint)- This fragrance is perfect- it has a fresh feel with beautiful notes of mint that intertwine with subtle undertones of green apples, peaches, and jasmine finishing off with musk and oak moss.


Evening Porch (topped with cedar)- This inviting, masculine earthy and woodsy fragrance has refreshing bay leaf and fir needle notes leading into a heart of bright bergamot and exotic florals drying to a delicate background of cedar, sandalwood of a sweet tobacco. Reminiscent of a perfect evening on the porch watching the sunset over a field of tall grass.


Milk & Honey- (topped with oatmeal)- Wraps you in a warm blanket of sweet honey and creamy milk. Vanilla beans give way to the slight nutty aroma of almond while natural woody notes of tonka bean and light musk smooth out this delightful scent. The final result is a fragrance that’s warm, cozy, and beautiful all year round. 


Summer in Provence- (topped with calendula and lavender)- Lavender and sun-kissed apricot will whisk you away to fields of lavender in bloom and apricot orchards in the springtime! Sweet sandalwood, musk and cedarwood capture the soul. A bouquet of sheer delight and botanical beauty!


English Garden- (topped with rose petals, calendula, blue cornflower, and lavender)- This luxurious scent is the ultimate spa scent! Deeply aromatic, mandarin and lemongrass are amplified by notes of bergamot and ginger steeped in a base of white tea and jasmine. Uplifting and ethereal, this scent transforms any space into a soothing atmosphere. 


1.5-2oz each


Warming safety:
Follow melting guidelines according to your wax warmer.

Coconut Soy Blend Wax (contains food-grade paraffin).

Infused with premium phthalate-free paraben-free, non-toxic essential oils and fragrances.

Hand poured and crafted in small batches in League City, Texas.

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