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Squeezable Wax Melts

Squeezable Wax Melts

For wax melt lovers who demand only the best, we introduce premium Squeezable Wax Melts. Squeezable Wax Melts are more than the average wax melt, they are superior in every way! Meticulously developed to perfection, we use the best quality of soy wax, blended with coconut wax, and paraben/phthalate-free fragrance oils with amazing aromas. Our unique wax blend is incredibly strong and will fill the entire home with your favorite scent. Simply squeeze the desired amount into an electric warmer or a tealight warmer. Combine different scents in the warmer for a personalized mood preference. No more breaking hard wax melts, over-flowing your wax warmer, or scraping wax from your wax warmer. Pour, relax, and let the fragrance fill your home with your favorite scent.


Each pouch contains 8 oz. of squeezable wax.

Choose from a variety of scents.


Scent descriptions:

Black Sea: Salty oceanic accords combine with dark musk, succulent plum and sweet n' spicy sandalwood to fill your space with this balanced, airy scent.


Blue Moon: A complex masculine scent of tobacco leaf, teakwood, and ginger transforms any space into a luxurious and rich oasis. As it burns, you will get glimpses of leather, amber, and musk- a true masterpiece!


Blush: The gorgeously intricate aroma of uplifting, botanical green cactus flowers are enhanced with the brightness of citrus accords and fresh island florals. Like being whisked away to a secluded paradise, indulge in captivating auras that open to a heart of cool, creamy coconut and soothing, light musk. Sunkissed golden sandalwood adds a warming whisper of opulence to this lovely sensory escape!


Cashmere: This warm and intriguing fragrance creates the perfect comforting ambiance perfect for any occasion. . The complexity of warm spices, rich cocoa butter, olive wood and a touch of coconut sweetness envelope the senses like a cozy blanket. Get lost in this unique, lovely blend.


Chocolate Strawberries: Hints of orange liquor accent the fresh fruity tones of this luscious confection. Ripe red strawberry is surrounded by creamy milk chocolate notes to create a decadent treat. Sweet vanilla creme and rich maple combine at the base of the scent.


Dark Kiss: A daring and seductive blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose and dark vanilla bean will unleash your most primal passions.


Drift Away with this sultry high-end scent of cozy warmth that wraps you in comfort reminiscent of the sensuous feel of a soft cashmere. The dark plum heart of this candle is enhanced by bright citrus and a touch of black cherry. Amber, sugar, and vanilla reinforce the sweetness of this scent, while musk and freesia add a light earthy dimension.


Emerald Queen: This fragrance is perfect- it has a fresh feel with beautiful notes of mint that intertwine with subtle undertones of green apples, peaches, and jasmine finishing off with musk and oak moss.


Eruption: Pineapple, goji berry and mango are perfectly blended for an exotic sensation, as a hint of driftwood adds lingering tones of sunny warmth to the island sensation. Inspired by the Capri Blue® scent.


Love Spell: Love Spell is the ultimate blend of fruit and floral. It starts with top notes of apple, luscious peach, and ripe grapefruit that give way to beautiful middle notes of cherry blossom and hydrangea. The vanilla and hint of powder in the base balance the sweetness of the fragrance.
Directions: Squeezable Wax comes in a squeezable pouch with a twist cap.
If the wax is not soft to pour just massage for a few minutes, then squeeze the desired amount into your wax warmer. 


For Clean-up: Allow the wax to cool and wipe clean with a paper towel or cottonball. Dispose in the trash can. Do not pour wax into sink or any drain.


Disclaimer: Keep away from pets and children. Do not eat. Do not leave heating wax unatended. Clean up spills immediately to avoid surface staining. Do not place near open flame.


Squeezables are:

-hand-poured with premium quality coconut soy wax and carrier oil

-paraben & phthalate free essential/fragrance oil blends

-free of dyes and additives

-hand poured in small batches in League City, Texas

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